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Your Dekalb Farmers Market

3000 East Ponce De Leon Avenue

Decatur, Georgia 30030





At the intersection of East Ponce De Leon Ave. and Laredo Drive, 2 miles inside of I-285 off of Exit #40 (East Ponce De Leon)

Hours :

Store: 9am - 9pm Daily

Business Sevices: 8am - 5pm

Ph: 404-377-6400 / Fax: 404-377-9274

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Closed :

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

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Tour appointments may be scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 10-11a.m. for groups of 25 or less.

Featured International Products


   Tupelo Honey from Ziegler's

   is amongst the rarest

   and finest honeys in the



Natural Low Sugar Dried Fruits from Thailand

Organic Sprouted Whole Wheat Flours & Ancient Grain flours

Pink Sherpa Himalayan Coarse Sea Salt

Natural Ginseng UP in 11 Healthy Flavors

Organic Numi Tea in 26 Non GMO Varieties

Organic Amber & Light Agave Nectar from Mexico

Organic Hemp Seed

Moringa for Life Tea

An entire aisle is dedicated to spices from all over the world representing many international cuisines and cultures.

Did you know...

Our organic and conventional rice, grains, lentils and flours come from all over the world, as well as new Super Sprout Organic Whole Wheat flours and grains, which your body sees as a vegetable.


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Our International Products Department provides the highest quality food products imported directly from many regions of the world. Try our healthy organic dried fruits from Thailand and Turkish roasted nuts, for your own trail mix or select from our finest olive oils from Greece and Spain.




































Have you ever wondered

what is the difference

 between cacoa and cocoa?

Well, cacao refers to the

raw form of chocolate and

all chocolate is derived

from cacao beans.


Unprocessed cacao nibs, beans, chips and powders have not been roasted and in this raw, unprocessed, additive free state, retain the most nutritional value.

Cacao contains an abundance of antioxidants, because it's raw and pure. Also it's a great source of fiber, magnesium, essential fatty acids, iron, copper, zinc, sulfur, and calcium.


Cocoa, on the other hand is processed from the roasted beans, with additives, sweeteners and perhaps cocoa butter. The chocolates most often used in the market as candies are from roasted, processed beans.


Our own high quality fair trade cacao from Peru is certified organic, certified kosher and gluten free.



These Catfish
From Alabama Are Lively !
Variety is
the spice of life

King Solomon SILAN Medjoul Date Syrup from Israel is made from pure medjoul dates which are some of the finest dates in the world.

Prized for its unique flavor, Silan, often called "Date Honey", is a pure and natural liquid sweetener and filling, pressed from naturally moist dates. It is the sweetener of choice in a number of traditional ethnic kitchens .It is also a perfect substitute for bee honey in any recipe. Silan is particularly popular with those who adhere to natural foods regimen.


King Solomon Silan is a pure and natural syrup, extracted from fresh Medjoul dates in a natural process.

Enjoy it poured over wafers, pancakes or French toast, drizzled over fruit, yoghurt, goat cheese or ice cream.

Mix it with Tahini fort a delicious spread, or use in marinade for poultry or meat. Also great as an alternative to sugar in baking and cooking.