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3000 East Ponce De Leon Ave

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At the intersection of East Ponce De Leon Ave. and Laredo Drive, 2 miles inside of I-285 off of Exit #40 (East Ponce De Leon)

Hours :

Store: 9am - 9pm Daily

Business Sevices: 8am - 5pm

Ph: 404-377-6400 / Fax: 404-377-9274

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Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day



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Tour appointments may be scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 10-11a.m. for groups of 25 or less.

Featured Cheese and Dairy

New Drinkable Organic Yogurts & Kefirs

New Organic Kefir and Drinkable Organic Yogurt

New 16 month Aged Spanish Cheese

New Ekte Geitost Goat Cheese from Norway

New Caramore Cheese from Cow/Goat milk

Fresh Herbed Goat Milk Cheese

DiStefano fresh artisan cheeses

1yr Aged Vintage Grand Ewe Sheep Milk Gouda

Melkbus Farmstead Raw Milk 39 Lavender

Melkbus Farmstead Raw Milk 125 Winter

Raw Manchego D.O.P. Spanish Sheep milk cheese

Iberico Cow, Sheep & Goat milk cheese from Spain

12 Month Aged Goat Cheese from Holland

Cheese &

We have
soy-based Dairy

You’ll find over 500 varieties of Domestic and Imported cheeses from Holland to Greece and Spain.  We have raw milk bleu cheese, organic cheese, chevre and many old world aged and artisan favorites from the American heartland.  You'll find complete lines of organic dairy products, including organic milk from grass fed cows in Iowa. Cage free  and organic eggs round out this healthy selection which also features a complete line of soy-based dairy alternative products.  In the dairy freezer, there is Italian Gelato and sorbet, and our own pie shells and puff pastry for your creative baking.

Two New Artisan Cheeses from Spain

Cinco Lanzas Spanish Artisan Cheese with Rosemary is beautiful as well as fragrant. The cheese is aged fro 16 months and is an exceptional cheese with notes of milk and nuts, with walnut being the most pronounced, herbal aromas of rosemary and a highly distinctive finish.

The other new Cinco Lanzas

with Pedro Ximenez wine is also

aged fro 16 months with notes of

milk and nuts. Hints of Pedro Ximénez with raisin overtones, honey base, coffee and dates nuances.

Packed with belly-friendly probiotics, our ‘cleaner’ kefir is super creamy, mildly tart and refreshing.

Nine new flavors of organic pourable yogurt are portable, and shareable – a deliciously creamy 100% grass-fed meal-in-a-bottle.

Maple Hill Creamery's probiotic organic kefirs in four delicious flavors are made from the milk of 100% grass fed cows and contain many beneficial live active cultures.

New to Norwegian Brunost (Brown)Cheese Line

In the 1860s Anne Hov, a Norwegian farmer’s wife, invented the Gudbrandsdalen brown cheese, which has become one of the national symbols of Norway.

The cheese is made from whey, cow’s and/or goat’s milk, and cream. This mixture is caramelised and boiled to perfection, hence the brown colour. The taste is sweet and fudge-like, with a hint of goat’s milk. The newes addition to the Brunost line of cheeses is Ekte Geitost, which is a 100% goat's milk cheese and it  has a sweet, fudge like flavor.

Did you know...

We offer more than 300 flavors of fat free, reduced fat whole milk, organic and Greek Style yogurts?

It is  often enjoyed as a breakfast cheese in Norway, Gjetost also makes an excellent snack and is the perfect dessert cheese or served with fresh fruit. Other

available Brunost Cheeses in the Line are Ski Queen, a blended cow and goats milk cheese and Caramore,a brown whey cheese made according to an old Norway traditional recipe from cow's and goat's milk.