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March 20, 2017

Green Bananas?

We bring our conventional and organic green bananas from Mexico weekly, but have you tried them?  Green Bananas have health benefits

that yellow bananas don't  have. Their low

sugar content makes them

suitable for diabetics and for

weight loss. They are higher in

fiber for digestion and Vitamin B6,

assisting with hemoglobin formation and

hormone balance.  Another benefit of green bananas is the high resistant starch content, aiding blood sugar and cholesterol levels. The potassium in green bananas is helpful for the heart and lowering blood pressure.  It's recommended that green bananas be boiled, fried or baked as a vegetable with fresh onions, tomatoes, herbs and sauces.


New FRESH ARTISAN CHEESES from DiStefano in the Cheese department include Burrata, Mozzarella Perls, Ciliegine, Ricotta, Mascarpone and Smoked Scamorza.

SCOTTISH SALMON  have a distinct flavor and color with firm texture and are ideal for grilling. Farm-raised on the lochs, they are nutritionally rich in Omega 3's due to  their superior diet. They are also a great source of  Protein, Niacin, Vitamin B12 &  B6.  They are raised to maturity at sea without any antibiotics.  Read more.

FRESH & WILD SEAFOOD: BEELINER (Redeye Snapper)and RED SNAPPER from Trinidad.  BLACK  GROUPER and RED GROUPER from Costa Rica. ACE BLADE OYSTERS and OTTER ROASTER OYSTERS from the pristine waters of South Carolina's Ace Basin. SCOTTISH SALMON from Scotland..taste the difference.


*** LOBSTER is temporarily being brought in from Canada due to inclement weather in Maine.***

**Find out what is affecting Snow Crab prices

Get the book:

This book is dedicated to you,

our customers.

Your Dekalb Farmers Market

3000 East Ponce De Leon Avenue

Decatur, Georgia 30030





At the intersection of East Ponce De Leon Ave. and Laredo Drive, 2 miles inside of I-285 off of Exit #40 (East Ponce De Leon)

Hours :

Store: 9am - 9pm Daily

Business Sevices: 8am - 5pm

Ph: 404-377-6400 / Fax: 404-377-9274

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Closed :

Thanksgiving Day

Christmas Day

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Tour appointments may be scheduled Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, 10-11a.m. for groups of 25 or less.

This book will allow you to understand the relevance to your own

lives of how we work together at the market.  It supports the

recognition of critically important information discovered and applied

at the market during the last 28 years.  This information is available

in Robert's book "Our World Market".


It is Robert's commitment to share the information in his book with

everyone that cares about people, no matter what their  background may be.  This information is a breakthrough in our understanding of how we are naturally designed to work together at home and on the job.  Read testimonials from readers of "Our World Market" book at:

The importance of "Our World Market" book

 ‘Our World Market’  readers share their experiences:

        “Our World Market” is a legacy of the truths that Robert has discovered in business and in life.  He shares these discoveries as a gift to those desiring to live

and work in harmony and in peace – absent scarcity and suffering.  What better application to these truths, than the diverse and successful Atlanta landmark,

Your Dekalb Farmers Market, founded by Robert in 1977!


The generational and gender maxims presented are profound and seem unchallengeable

in explaining human and organizational relationships.  Knowledge is freeing, when you

see and apply new understanding to improve family and work relationships.  His explanation of dual and opposite energy and how generations are distinguished is not only enlightening but fun to see in place within my own family and coworkers.   I have a greater appreciation for my own self and those I know because of  "Our World Market”.


Brad Dickson, Accounting Partner Windham Brannon

Visit the ABOUT page to see the "Our World Market"  Introduction to the book and  "Origin of Dekalb Farmers Market"  videos by Robert Blazer, founder.

March 2017

Reading the book Our World Market: “The Generational Distinction” – Our Connection to Life, has been a life changing experience for me.  From the moment I first started reading

it in 2014, I began to have clarity about many of the events and circumstances I had experienced and observed in my everyday life.  This book explains human behavior from

an energetic lens, beyond that which is physical.  It beautifully illustrates why it is that we often find discord in our lives, the primary mechanism for this discord being a lack of energetic balance and alignment.  Once I started reading, the patterns became so obvious.  There’s nothing incredibly complex about maintaining a balanced life (both internally

and externally).  As humans, we just make it difficult by not paying attention to what’s directly in front of us: The Generational Distinction.


In the book, Mr. Blazer explains that everything in life is dual and opposite:

(day/night, man/woman, up/down, sickness/health).  We can’t know one without knowing the other.  He posits that the same is true for us as humans.  We are all comprised of energy, either expanding or contracting, to maintain balance in  the universe.  This same sense

of balance must be maintained in our lives, through both personal and professional partnerships, for us to flourish and meet our fullest potential.


Since 2014 I have revisited this book many times. I recommend that others revisit it frequently as well because as we grow and evolve, more meaning is gained from its content. Whenever I feel a shift coming in my life, I turn to the wisdom in the pages of this book.

I know that the words will keep me grounded and remind me of that which I need to seek…energetic balance and alignment.  I have found that once a person is aware of “The Generational Distinction”, it’s nearly impossible to turn off this awareness. I see it in everyone with whom I meet and interact.  When I experience or observe a situation that

is full of strife and discord, I can almost always pinpoint where the lack of balance has originated or where it currently resides.


Even as an empirical, cognitive developmental scientist, I feel no dissonance between that which I know scientifically, and the enlightenment that is presented in this book.  Similarly, it’s not about religion, nor is it in discord with religion.  This book is truly about two naturally occurring phenomenon in our universe: energy and balance.  It’s about understanding ourselves through our interdependence to, and relationships with others.

It’s about the collective being greater and more effective than any individual part. It’s

about recognizing that we can only begin to understand what is, through understanding what isn’t…and for this reason knowing that we will all find ourselves in unbalanced situations at one point or another.  The goal is to be able to recognize the unbalance

(that which isn’t what we desire), so that we can be more intentional creators of balance

in our lives (that which we do desire).  Through this iterative process of becoming more intentional and deliberate creators of balanced lives, we begin to feel and experience a

new sense of peace, internal comfort, and prosperity.


I have personally come to a place in which I’m no longer willing to live any part of my life

out of balance.  This book makes it incredibly clear that we’re the only ones who can get

in our own way of living the lives we wish to live.  The universe was designed to work,

and we just have to allow it to do so.


Brandi Briscoe, Market Customer, PHD Emory University

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Our Stand


We declare that the world is designed to work.

 We are responsible for what does not work.

We make the difference.


  No matter how technologically advanced

we become, we cannot escape our fundamental

relationships with food and each other.


The possibility of these relationships is

the world market.  In this context, the world works

for everyone free of scarcity and suffering.


We commit ourselves to the possibility

this world market is for the

future generations of this planet.